B2B: “Business to Business”. In simple terms, your product is made for and sold to organizations to address their business challenges.

SaaS: “Software as a Service”. In addition to the IP and the packaging of your software, you also host it for the consumers.

“Multi-tenant” Copyright: Goran Begic

Product management…

Copyright: Goran Begic

Here is a list of criteria that a blog post should meet in order to be published on Lean Product. In no particular order:

  • Must provide practical value.
  • Opinions are welcome, especially if based on experience or accompanied with examples.
  • No BS. Sometimes we do it without knowing it; It’s normal. Sometimes t’s an integral part of achieving clarity. The articles need to be reviewed for BS before posting.
  • Use of the word “leverage” is not permitted. The only exception is this post.
  • Discrimination of any kind is not going to be tolerated; This applies to all the content, including the comments.
  • Minority views, contrarian views, skepticism are all welcome as long as they adhere to the other guidelines. Diversity is encouraged and welcome, it leads to innovation.
  • If possible, a fun, entertaining read is better than a long, serious dissertation.

Thank you for a great article. I enjoyed following your thought process especially the part about the product definition. Recently I tried to address a similar topic by trying to enumerate things that every product manager (or product owner) should know about their product just to provoke some thinking. The part where I can't quite follow you is when you look to the process for the answers about Product Owner antipatterns (How to address these issues with Scrum). The anti-patterns are real and painful and you described them well. In my opinion, the solution for these anti-patterns is not in a process of any kind, including Scrum. In fact you have the beginnings of the answer in the section about Product Goals. Perhaps another article?

Excellent article Claudia! Thank you for putting it together. The topic and the no-nonsense approach to the subject resonated with me. Value vs. volume, outcome vs. output, and importance of a succinct and articulated vision.

Copyright: Goran Begic

Disclaimer: All the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

Some of the views here are skewed towards high-tech software, B2B (“Business to Business”), and commercial offerings. …

Introducing CA Brightside 3.0

CA Brightside is a support offering from Broadcom that helps with scaled adoption of open source projects for Mainframe DevOps. It includes enterprise-grade support, convenience installers, training, IP legal assurance, and additional testing for all extensions included in the subscription.

Open source allows you to consume…

Zowe is the most exciting innovation in the world of Mainframe today. It started as a collaboration among three major vendors in the Enterprise space — Broadcom, IBM, and Rocket Software. Since its introduction last year, other vendors and individual developers have joined the project as contributors.

Zowe is a…

Take-aways from the SHARE conference in Pittsburgh

SHARE is a conference for mainframers. If you are involved in software that has nothing to do with z/OS the chances are that you have never heard of it. For a long time z/OS has been a closed-loop ecosystem. …

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Offering manager at Broadcom. Interested in innovations that solve real-life problems. Always learning.

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